This is the first part of the first chapter of Danganronpa - Battle of the Vocaloids.


The end of the world... That's what they called it. It all started in a small town in Japan, where the evil organization known as Ultimate Despair arose. After a horrific incident at the high school for super students, Hope's Peak Academy, few survivors were left. The world plunged into eternal despair, death and hatred flooded the streets. No matter how hard anyone tried, it would not cease. Eventually, the heads of the organization put several students to one final game, before vanishing. Ultimate Despair would never be heard from again...

Until almost a millennium later.

The last surviving members of the Ultimate Despair had been working on machinery far ahead of their time. Eventually they became capable of interdimensional traveling. Using this to prolong their lives, they continued to wreak havoc in worlds that had never heard of Ultimate Despair before. They never saw them coming.

In a big event where Hope's Peak Academy was resurrected, fifteen people from different worlds were brought together to participate in a horrifying killing game. Only seven survived, and Ultimate Despair remained as powerful as ever...

Chapter 1 - Mono Mono ni Shite AgeruEdit

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