Danganronpa - Endless Despair is the second season of Luke's Danganronpa series.

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  • Jabberwock Island


Person Trait Status
Bart Simpson
Ultimate Bad Boy Alive
Ultimate Beauty Alive
Clint Eastwood
Ultimate Gunman Alive
Ultimate Lucky Student Alive
Frank Sinatra
Ultimate Oldies Singer Alive
Gaz Membrane
Ultimate Gamer Alive
Larry the Cucumber
Ultimate Vegetable Alive
Luke Skywalker
Ultimate Jedi Alive
Ultimate Bookworm Alive
Rescue Pack
Ultimate Carrier Alive
Ultimate Sleeper Alive
Tomoyo Daidouji
Ultimate Affluent Progeny Alive
Harley Quinn
Ultimate Super Villain Executed
Emma Frost
Ultimate X-Woman Murdered
Kouichi Sakakibara
Reserve Course Student Executed
Satsuki Kiryuin
Ultimate Moral Compass Murdered

The MonoLuke FileEdit


  • Time of Murder: 4 PM
  • Covered in glass shards, a look of shock in her face
  • The cause of death was a stab to the heart with a knife


  • Time of Murder: 8 PM
  • Suspended by rope under a sign hanging off of the motel, a triangle carved into her back
  • The cause of death was a blow to the head with a blunt object



  • Truth Bullets: Glass shards, Satsuki's face, Knife in chest, Kouichi's account, Snorlax's account, Shattered window, Satsuki's broken wrist, Blood on balcony
  • Bullet Time Battle: Bart vs. Kouichi
    • Turnout: Bart won
  • Case: Satsuki called her eventual killer to meet her on the hotel's top floor, with malevolent intentions to commit murder. She attempted to stab her killer with a knife, only for her plan to backfire. The killer wrestled Satsuki through the window, causing the glass to shatter and blood from the both of them to spill on the balcony. The killer grabbed hold of Satsuki and tossed her over the ledge, prompting her to scream loud enough to awaken the sleeping Snorlax from his nap. She hit the ground, but the fall was not nearly high enough to kill upon impact. But the fall caused Satsuki to land on her wrist, breaking it and accidentally forcing the knife through her own heart, dying on the spot. The killer then made up the false alibi that they had been in the hotel when the murder took place, arriving at the scene of the crime after the deed had been done. However, there was one major flaw with their story. Snorlax had been sleeping alone in the hotel, and was awoken immediately at the sound of the scream. No one else heard it or testified to hearing the scream, as the only person Snorlax told his account to was Bart. A simple lie made the killer's identity obvious.
  • The Blackened: Kouichi Sakakibara
    • Turnout: Correct


  • Truth Bullets: The rope, Emma's bound hands, The triangle, Emma's head condition, Clint's account, Larry's account, Rescue Pack's account, Bloody handkerchief, Triangle painted in blood, Signs of a struggle
  • Bullet Time Battle: Gaz vs. Snorlax
    • Turnout: Snorlax won
  • Bullet Time Battle: Luke vs. Marcie
    • Turnout: Luke won
  • Case: A dastardly murderer had intentions to do away with the superhero Emma Frost. Taking a rope, the killer attacked Emma in her cabin and kidnapped her, binding her wrists and gagging her with a handkerchief. Meanwhile, Larry could hear muffled screaming coming from outside, but was too afraid to leave his cabin. The killer brought Emma far from her cabin and killed her with a blow to the head with a blunt object. The object was not found anywhere and Rescue Pack, who was stationed at the store to keep stock of who took what, never saw anyone take anything that could be used for the murder. That is because it never left the killer's possession. Using the same handkerchief that gagged Emma, the killer wiped everything down, completely drenching it in blood. They attempted to dispose of the handkerchief in the trash, but they never had to dispose of the murder weapon, because it was their own personal baseball bat. However, the case didn't end there. Clint happened to see the entire murder go down, and felt it necessary to test his fellow classmates. Using a knife, Clint carved a triangle into Emma's back and used a rope to string her up on the motel sign. Taking her own blood, Clint made the same marking on Emma's cabin. This served as a test to teach his fellow students to look past red herrings. However, the true murderer was obvious due to their weapon of choice and their evil nature in general.
  • The Blackened: Harley Quinn
    • Turnout: Correct

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