Danganronpa - Worldwide Despair is the first season of Joan's Danganronpa series.





  1. Zetsubou, Japan
  2. Rue de la Mort, Paris
  3. TBA Africa
  4. TBA South America
  5. TBA North America
  6. TBA


Person Trait Status
Tae Takemi
Ultimate Physician


Lily Bart
Ultimate Socialite


Ultimate Conspiracy

Teen Idle

Luke Triton
Ultimate Puzzle Solver Escaped
Eric Zimit
Ultimate ????


Electra Heart
Ultimate Persona

Ultimate Hope

Clay Jensen
Ultimate Lucky Student Commit Suicide
Wolfgang Bogdanow
Ultimate Locksmith Executed
Tsubaki Kasagano
Ultimate High Priestess


Ultimate Stealth

Teen Idle

Mitsuko Souma
Ultimate Killing Game Participant


Patrick Bateman
Ultimate Serial Killer Murdered
Hercule Poirot
Ultimate Detective Executed
Ultimate Maraca Player Murdered
Ultimate Handmaid


Fred Jones
Ultimate Trapper Murdered

The MonoCub FileEdit

Fred Jones

  • Time of Murder: 4:30 AM
  • Found in the shrine's cage.
  • The cause of death was a single stab to the abdomen.


Prologue - All Aboard Despair Edit

  • The 16 Ultimates woke up inside a massive airship. They are told that they will be trapped in an eternal holiday, away from their family and loved ones unless they commit a perfect murder and get away with it. MonoCub tells everybody the rules and gives each student a MonoPad.
  • A search group led by Poirot, Fred and Hestu discover that the aircraft contains 16 bedrooms, one per student. Wolfgang confirms that it will be safe to sleep in the rooms, since the locks are airtight, anti-picking and sturdy. Each bedroom contains a bathroom, however, water does not run during the nighttime.
  • A storage warehouse is found in the hull of the aircraft, it contained multiple crates of food, cleaning supplies and a random array of things, such as books and sport equipment. Foxface notices that the food supplies seem to be very small and probably won't last for more than a few days, MonoCub appears and cackles, refusing to give any explanation.
  • There is a convivial area with several coaches, chairs and lounging areas, there is also a door that remains strictly locked off. Everybody is called to the lounging area and it is revealed that they are landing in Zetsubou, Japan; their first destination of their Mutual Killing World Tour.

Chapter 1 - TBA Edit

  • Upon exploring Zetsubou, it is evident that they are all trapped in an unconnected town. MonoCub reveals that the boundaries of the town are matted with land mines so there is no escape whatsoever.
  • Tsubaki discovers a temple with a courtyard in the back, the courtyard containing a pond with a waterfall and a copse of sakura trees. A rule is implemented saying that it is forbidden to swim in the pond.
  • Poppy and Clay find a sushi bar with a conveyer belt linking the kitchen and dining area. MonoCub reveals that all the locations they will visit will feature an ethnical restaurant that will be replenished every night. Poppy seems .very excited but Clay is more reluctant.
  • Tae Takemi and Offred discovers in the alleyway behind the sushi bar a small bookstore that mainly features a large amount of magazine stacks.
  • Patrick and Lily discover a small abandoned school. It contains three classrooms and a small music classroom. Hestu is overjoyed at the discovery of the music classroom and starts planning a music show for everybody to attend, this triggers Patrick into acting erratically; scaring Lily.
  • Mitsuko has a freakout after she discovers that Foxface has been stalking her. Electra steps in and points out that Mitsuko does seem dangerous. A large argument ensues in which Mitsuko, Patrick, Mr. Zimit and Poppy are all pegged as suspicious and dangerous due to their talents. It is suggested that they are all guarded and not allowed to be alone, in order to prevent them from committing murder. This plan is dropped after Patrick loses his cool once again and holds a knife from the sushi bar's kitchen to Luke's throat.
  • MonoCub calls everybody to the convivial room, and reveals a motive. Each student is given a video of of the person they love most in the world, MonoCub promises that whoever gets away with murder will be able to return to their loved one.
  • Fred, gathers Takemi, Electra, Clay, Offred, Foxface, Poirot and Luke in order to come up with a plan to capture Mitsuko and Patrick, in order to lock them in the cage found in the shrine so that they are not a threat to everybody else's safety.
  • After Fred dismissed everybody he began working on the trap for both Mitsuko and Patrick. The group sees Tsubaki go into the shrine as they are leaving.
  • The following morning, when Clay, Takemi and Foxface go to check on Fred's trap, they go past the entry hall, where they find Tsubaki meditating, they then discover Fred's corpse in the shrine's cage, a single wound in the stomach. The body discovery announcement plays and the investigation commences.
  • Poirot and Luke team up, finding a tangle of ropes and nets is found scattered around the cage, a wet plank resting against the cage's wall and smeared in a parchment laying in the floor, the name FRED, practically illegible due to having been wiped, the parchment has left a smeared impression of a hand.
  • Mitsuko and Patrick are immediately suspected, but they decline being guilty since they had met up with Poppy at the sushi bar's kitchen to have a meeting at 5 AM. It is said that Mr. Zimit was invited to that meeting but declined, Mr. Zimit verifies this, showing the invitation he received for the meeting.
  • A knife is found in the kitchen, on top of the conveyer belt, which stopped functioning. Furthermore, Patrick no longer has the knife he pulled out on Luke in his being upon questioning.
  • Hestu gives an account that he had been practicing with his maracas all day long, in the music room. Wolfgang and Lily back this up, saying that they were in the floor bellow and could hear him through the thin wooden floorboards.
  • Tsubaki is interrogated by Poirot, she claims that she saw nobody go through the room, but when pressured, Tsubaki became extremely nervous.
  • Takemi carries out an autopsy and discovers that the wound matched the knife on the conveyer belt.
  • Everybody is summoned to the trial room, in the up until then locked room of the aircraft.
  • Upon the trial's start the group starts discussing the murder weapon, with the help of Takemi, the group deduces that the knife in the conveyor belt was used as the murder weapon. This puts Patrick on a terrible spot, where everybody turns to him since he'd been wielding a similar knife the other day when he threatened the group.
  • Poppy points out that Patrick had been to a meeting with her and Mitsuko in the sushi bar's kitchen that morning. She believes that Patrick couldn't have been the killer because when she went to the kitchen he and Mitsuko were already there. However, Eric Zimit points out how the meeting happened 30 minutes after the murder took place, using the note he received as proof.
  • Patrick confesses that he wanted to gather all the 'shady' people to make a deal to try fit into the rest of the group and thus not be targeted for murder, he admits that he had returned the knife back to the kitchen earlier that day. This however is called a ruse by several of his classmates, yet one of them trusts him: Poirot.
  • Poirot points out that there was a mysterious wet plank had been found inside the shrine's cage, meanwhile it would appear that it was going to be used by Fred in the creation of his contraption, it was actually used by the killer, he deduces. The killer had placed the plank across the courtyard's pond and used it to stand under the waterfall whilst simultaneously standing above the water: cleaning themselves clean without breaking the rule that forbade swimming in the pond.
  • Mitsuko, Patrick and Poppy testify for each other saying that they did not see the other two wet when the meeting happened. Yet Mitsuko suspects of Poppy since she was late by nearly 15 minutes, added with the 30 extra minutes it would mean that she could have had more than enough time to dry up so it would appear she hadn't ever been wet.
  • Poirot also points out that the location of the knife also gives away the fact that none of the meeting members could have committed the crime. Luke is able to deduce that the conveyer belt was used to transport the knife from the dining area into the kitchen without actually going into the kitchen, and after it is revealed by Wolfgang that the conveyer belt had been jammed with a chopstick, the three people that met up in the kitchen are cleared of any doubt.
  • After Lily points out how pale Tsubaki looks, everybody's attention turns at her. Offred points out how Tsubaki had been inside the shrine when the group left for the night and had remained there until the body announcement. She had been kneeling in the centre of the room that leads up to the cage, meaning that she would have been aware of who the killer had been, in theory.
  • Multiple people start ganging up on Tsubaki, accusing her of being the killer, distressing her greatly. However, Poirot suddenly asks Tsubaki a cryptical question: What colour was the ribbon that decorated Fred's greyscale picture? Tsubaki stays quiet for a minute before blurting out a guess: red. This is wrong, and soon enough it becomes apparent that Tsubaki has extremely poor eyesight and cannot see past the span of her arms. The killer probably deduced this and was able to walk past Tsubaki in plain sight by sticking close to the shrine's wall. Tsubaki explains that she didn't want anybody knowing since that would make her vulnerable.
  • Poirot then proceeds to note that the traps inside the cage seemed to have been deactivated, which only could mean one thing: Fred trusted the killer. Takemi, Electra, Clay, Offred, Foxface, Luke and Poirot himself are labelled as the potential culprits. However, a final clue is used to narrow down who Poirot thinks to be the killer.
  • Poirot accuses Offred of being the killer, due to the parchment with a smeared "FRED" written on it. Poirot theorises that when Fred realised Offred's killing intent he dashed to the table and wrote down Offred's name, however, Offred noticed this and using the back of her hand, smeared the ink from right to left, covering "OF" and thus tainting Fred's dying message.
  • Offred furiously argues that this is not the case, and that the killer must have originally been attacked by Fred after being summoned by him, that the parchment really did say Fred and Fred had tried destroying it before getting stabbed in self-defence. However, Poirot destroys this argument saying that Fred's hand weren't tainted with ink, meaning that only Offred could have tampered with the parchment before washing her hands on the waterfall.
  • Offred breaks down and confesses, she admits committing the murder in order to see her daughter and husband, who she'd not seen for a long time, even prior to the killing game, all votes are cast and Offred is found guilty.
  • A collar snaps around Offred's neck and drags her off into the execution room, where she is dropped in a green tiled room. Soon enough, massive scrabble tiles start falling off the sky, Offred starts dodging them until she is blocked into the only remaining free tile, as the remaining spaces have become towers of white lettered tiles. Water filtering from behind the tiles, so Offred in a panic starts climbing up the wall. Two white doves fly down to Offred and wrap a white cloth around Offred's head, blocking her face. Offred continues blindly climbing until she reaches the top, where she clings just as one last tile falls right on top of her hands, breaking them. In a reflex, Offred lets go, with the collar's wire tensing up, Offred sways to a side, hitting her face against the edge of the tiles, which begins bleeding through the white cloth. After some restless kicking and flinching, Offred's body becomes lax. She dangles from the collar's wire as blood drips from her face underneaths her clothes, falling into the water.