This is the first part of the first chapter of Danganronpa - Vocaloid Showdown.


The end of the world... That's what they called it. It all started in a small town in Japan, where the evil organization known as Ultimate Despair arose. After a horrific incident at the high school for super students, Hope's Peak Academy, few survivors were left. The world plunged into eternal despair, as death and hatred flooded the streets. No matter how hard anyone tried, it would not cease. Eventually, the heads of the organization put several students to one final game, before vanishing. Ultimate Despair would never be heard from again...

Until almost a millennium later.

The last surviving members of the Ultimate Despair had been working on machinery far ahead of their time. Eventually they became capable of interdimensional traveling. Using this to prolong their lives, they continued to wreak havoc in worlds that had never heard of Ultimate Despair before. They never saw them coming.

In a big event where Hope's Peak Academy was resurrected, fifteen people from different worlds were brought together to participate in a horrifying killing game. Only seven survived, and Ultimate Despair remained as powerful as ever...

Mono Mono ni Shite Ageru - Day 1Edit

???: I don't remember the last time I felt this excited. Today's the big day. The day where my friends and I are set to perform together at Iwaishi Studio! The studio itself stands taller than most buildings surrounding it, right in the middle of Akihabara. It was opened just recently, but it's said to be broadcasting all over the world. It will be the first time that we, as vocaloids, will be heard by anyone who tunes in to our station! There's said to be eighteen of us, and we will each do our best to give extraordinary performances for our beloved fans, old and new!


My name is Miku Hatsune. I am a pop diva from Japan, and I hope to some day have my voice heard by the whole world! This may be my big opportunity, and I hope everyone else is just as excited as I am! The studio is said to be much more than a studio, but only those who go inside will know the details. The anticipation is so thrilling, I just might die!


Miku: [I have arrived at the studio. It's mind-boggling to actually be here, destiny awaits on the inside. I can't wait to finally bring a smile to the faces of everyone in the world. Time to step inside!

Well, looks like I'm the first one here. It really is a beauty, though. I love the fountain, and the desk, and the... aroma... It's so sweet, I could just... sleep...]

  • THUD

???: Hey, wake up! Come on, Miku! Now's not the time for sleeping around, get up!

Miku: Urghh... wh-what happened? Huh? Kaito?


Kaito: You were sleeping like a log, Miku! I almost thought you were dead.

Miku: Sorry, the excitement must have caused me to lose consciousness.

Kaito: I think it was a lot more than excitement that did you in. I guarantee it was the same thing that knocked all of us out once we got here.

Miku: Hm? What do you mean?

Kaito: Apparently everyone has the same story. We came in, the air became heavy, and we passed out. I don't think this is any coincidence.

Miku: Where are we now, and where is everyone else?

Kaito: Most of them are gathered in the recording room, but we're still looking for a few others. Right now, we're in a storeroom. You're also laying in a pile of boxes.

Miku: Whoa! I guess my senses hadn't kicked in just yet. Hehe. Anyway, I'd like to help find the others! If we're passing out and winding up in random rooms, I don't like the look of things.

Kaito: Right, let's go find them.

  • Hallway

Kaito: They've got to be around here somewhere. If I was entirely sure of everyone who was showing up, it would be easier to know who we were looking for.

???: Perhaps your mission just got easier.


Miku: IA! It's so nice to see you!

IA: Sure, whatever.

Kaito: Where were you, IA?

IA: I woke up in a bathroom after coming here and expecting to have a good time. As you can guess, I am not a happy girl right now.

Kaito: Pfft... hehehe... you woke up in the bathroom?

IA: It's not funny! My face was this close to touching the inside of the toilet! Anyway, Yukari's still in there. She wouldn't wake up, so I left her.

Miku: How could you just leave her alone like that? We don't even know what's going on!

IA: Relax, Miku. Nobody's dead yet. But my head hurts and I need to lay down.

Kaito: Down the hall, second door on the left is where everyone else is waiting.

IA: Thanks. They better have a good explanation for this.

Miku: I'm going to go get Yukari. You can go look further down the hall, Kaito.

Kaito: Good idea.

Miku: Just what is going on here?

  • Women's Restroom

Miku: Yukari? Are you in here?

???: Nghrhn...


Miku: Yukari! Wake up!

Yukari: Ehhhh... let's dance to the sound of the engine, hheheh...

Miku: Yukari!!!

Yukari: Wah! Is my new song ready yet?! Oh, Miku! Nice day, huh?

Miku: This isn't really the most ideal place for a nap, Yukari.

Yukari: What the-- this is a bathroom! What am I doing here? I was on my way to the big broadcast!

Miku: I was, too. We don't know what's going on, so we're all going to meet up in the recording room once we find everyone.

Yukari: This is scary. I'm not so sure I like what's going on here.

Miku: Don't worry. At least we're all together. Come on, let's go find the rest of our friends.

Yukari: Okay! Lead on, Miku!

  • Hallway

???: Fancy meeting you two here.

Miku: Luka! And Gumi!

Luka Gumi

Luka: Nice to see you're both alright.

Gumi: Do either of you have any idea what's happening right now?

Miku: No, not at all. Where were you two? We're trying to find everyone.

Luka: So I assume everyone came in and immediately passed out, is that correct?

Yukari: As far as we can tell, yep!

Gumi: We were in a closet. Took a good few minutes for us to find that out, and then another few good minutes to find the way out!

Luka: It was rather... cozy.

Yukari: Aw, that's so cute!

Gumi: That doesn't matter, though. We need to make sure everyone is alright.

Miku: I saw IA and Kaito earlier. Most people are in the room down the hall, second door on the left.

Luka: Ah, yes. I shall check and see who is in there, then we'll take count on how many we still need to find.

Miku: Sounds good, Luka. I'll keep searching, just to make sure everyone's safe.

Luka: Come on, Gumi. Let's go see our friends.

Gumi: Ow, hey! Don't pull me so hard!

Yukari: So, what now?

Miku: I guess we keep looking until we feel like we've found everyone.

Yukari: Ugh, I hope this is all just some dirty prank.

  • Deeper Hallway

Yukari: Hey Miku, do you see that?

Miku: Huh? This staircase is blocked off. Why would they do that?

Yukari: I hope the elevator still works. I'm more of an elevator girl, myself.

Miku: Whoever is in charge here clearly does not want us going up that staircase.

Yukari: Man, they're really limiting us here. This ground floor is only so big.

Miku: Wait, is that Kaito?

Kaito: Ah, hello again, Miku. I see you found Yukari.

???: Let's get it on here, woohoo!


Miku: Hi, Kaito. I see you found Meiko.

Meiko: Hello there, mommy! How's the elephant?

Yukari: Oh no, they must have done something to her!

Kaito: Unlikely. I found her in the kitchen, next to a couple empty bottles of sake.

Miku: Good ol' Meiko, same as always.

Meiko: Thank you, missus pancake! *Belch*

Yukari: Her first instinct after waking up in a strange new environment is to hit the alcohol?

Kaito: Yes, that really is like Meiko. Anyway, did you find anyone else?

Miku: Luka and Gumi. They went to see everyone else.

Kaito: Okay. You two, those two, IA, and Meiko make eighteen. We've found everyone, so we should get back to the meeting place.

Miku: Right. I'm so happy to hear everyone is alright!

Kaito: So am I. Come on, Meiko. Let's meet with our other friends.

Meiko: Yeah! Let's do that thing...

  • Recording Room

Miku: [Finally here. There are eleven familiar faces. It's so nice to be with all my friends, as frightening as this situation may be. Let's see, who's here?]


Miku: Fukase! Glad you could show up!

Fukase: Heh, what's that supposed to mean?

Miku: I know you're always so busy with everything, I didn't know if you would have time for something like this.

Fukase: Girl, I never miss an opportunity to increase my stardom. I love performing as much as you, possibly more.

Miku: I'm sure. You're always so eager to get going.

Fukase: Well, I sure wasn't expecting to take a nap and wake up in a mysteriously empty building with everyone here, but this better not take long. I have a lot of irons in the fire. I also left Point in charge of the house, so I can't be gone for too long.

Miku: Oh well, I'm sure we'll figure out what's going on soon! Let's just relax and talk together until the producers come find us.

Fukase: Sure. I hope we're getting paid upfront.


Miku: Rin! Len! My favorite twins!

Len: Hey, Miku! Glad you finally made it.

Rin: I told you she'd be here.

Len: I never said she wouldn't!

Rin: No, you were totally doubting. I heard your exact words, you said "I bet--"

Len: Shut up! Anyway, it's good to see you, Miku!

Miku: I can say the same. You two are getting along as always, I see.

Rin: Ah, Len is just dense sometimes. You know that, right?

Miku: Of course, I've known him long enough.

Len: Hey! Where are these sudden attacks coming from?

Miku: Aw, Len, we're just teasing.

Rin: I'm not.

Miku: Anyway, you shouldn't spend this time arguing. We need to be in high spirits for whatever awaits us.

Rin: I hope they don't plan on doing anything to us. A bunch of popular Japanese vocaloids would run for a high ransom.

Miku: No, you shouldn't think like that! I'm sure this is to build suspense, or maybe we're playing some game!

Len: Seriously Miku, you're almost as child-minded as Rin sometimes.

Rin: Hey! Says you, you know that you're always--

Miku: I'd better leave them alone for now...


Miku: Piko! Long time, no see!

Piko: Miku! Gosh, it's been ages.

Miku: What have you been up to?

Piko: Not much, just needed to recharge here and there. It's been a slow year, haven't gotten much usage.

Miku: Aw. Well, we all have our slow periods. I'm sure you'll be hitting the big time again anytime soon!

Piko: We can only hope. Assuming we get out of this alive.

Miku: Of course we will! Why wouldn't we?

Piko: The aura is bad today, Miku. Very, very bad. I almost didn't show up, but I couldn't miss this opportunity.

Miku: Chin up, Piko! We're all here together, right?

Piko: I guess so. I just wish those twins would stop screaming at each other for two seconds. They're firing up my sparks.

Miku: Yeah, that would be nice.

Piko: Until then, I'm hanging out by this wall. There's a nice little outlet here, wouldn't want to run out of juice today of all days.

Miku: That would not be good.

Piko: I'm here if you want to chat, though! It was nice talking to you again.

Miku: Same to you, Piko!


Miku: Kiyoteru and Yuki! What a surprise.

Yuki: Miku! What's going on?

Miku: I don't know, Yuki, but don't worry. We'll all be fine.

Yuki: I hope so. I talked to Piko earlier, and he scared me!

Kiyoteru: Heh, gotta love that little spark plug. I'm sure all the electricity is getting to his head, but I do want to know what the deal is here.

Miku: I thought we were coming to do a big broadcast, but I guess we got more than we bargained for.

Kiyoteru: Without a doubt. I'm more worried about Yuki than I am about me. They couldn't possibly do anything illegal, right?

Miku: Not at all.

Yuki: I'm scared, Miku! Are they going to torture us?

Miku: Of course not, not at all. They wouldn't.

Kiyoteru: Not sure who's getting their sick kicks here, but it's kind of making me mad. When we woke up, we were in a storeroom. I knocked a ton of boxes over when I stumbled to stand up. I hope they don't make a fuss about me making a mess.

Miku: Oh... I think I know where those boxes landed.

Yuki: Miku, if anything goes wrong, can you stay with me? I'd be a lot less scared that way.

Miku: I will, Yuki, but nothing bad is going to happen. Trust me.

Yuki: O-okay.

Kiyoteru: Just stay alert, Miku. Anything can happen.

Miku: Will do, thanks.


Una: I'm telling you, we should bust it down!

Iroha: Una, do you have any idea how ridiculous you sound right now?

Una: Life is made of ridiculousness, Iroha! If only you'd listen to me, you'd be as smart up here.

Miku: Ano, hello...

Iroha & Una: Miku!

Una: Miku, tell me. Would it not be a marvelous idea to break down that wall and see what they're hiding?

Miku: Break down a wall? Why?

Iroha: She thinks they have secret cameras or something hidden behind that wall, and she's determined to expose them.

Miku: Oh... I think we should just wait a little longer. Let's not be hasty.

Una: I'll be as hasty as I want! I came here expecting a show, not this stupid game!

Iroha: Who said anything about a game?

Una: You're a cat. You love games, don't you?

Iroha: I am not a cat, cats are my ~theme~. I've worked hard to build my image, you know!

Una: Tell that to your name! Are cats the theme of your whole family?

Iroha: How did we even get onto this topic?

Una: I don't know, but you made your bed! Pee in it!

Iroha: Oh my goodness, the phrase is 'sleep in it'!

Una: Really? Oh no, I've been using that wrong for so long...

Miku: Slowly backing away...


Miku: Gakupo, the trusty samurai!

Gakupo: Aha, that's me. In just a minute, you're about to see these samurai skills come out.

Miku: What do you plan to do?

Gakupo: Not much, just take the head off of whoever did this to us!

Miku: Whoa, let's not be rash. We can solve this without any death.

Gakupo: I can't. My anger knows no limits. I came here expecting to sing!

Miku: I think we all did.

Gakupo: Then you all share in my pain. Don't you want to rip the one responsible limb from limb?

Miku: No, that's a little barbaric.

Gakupo: It's worked for me in the past, so I'll stay true to it.

Miku: Wait, what?

Gakupo: Haha, I'm only joking. I couldn't kill a man who didn't deserve it, especially so brutally.

Miku: But you would kill someone?

Gakupo: If the situation arose, then yes.

Miku: Oh, I think Lily's calling for me over there. Talk to you later!


Lily: Miku! What's up?

Miku: Lily, it's so good to see you! I've had quite a day.

Lily: Tell me about it. Someone stuck me in a closet earlier, my back is killing me.

Miku: Oh, the same thing happened to Luka and Gumi.

Lily: I got half a mind to sucker-punch whoever did that to me, but I'll try to control myself. That is, if the coward wants to show himself.

Miku: I think we're all a little miffed here. We could use an explanation.

Lily: As long as we're here, we might as well enjoy it. This building has some very nice designs.

Miku: Yes! It's really pretty. I wouldn't expect something like this in the middle of Akihabara.

Lily: I wouldn't, either. It's a nice break in the scenery. I hope they're not intending on keeping us here, though. Or holding us hostage, for that matter.

Miku: Me too. Maybe we'll still get to perform!

Lily: I wouldn't count on it, but it doesn't hurt to dream.

Miku: Anyway, it was nice talking to you.

Lily: Same to you, Miku. We should hang out once this is over.


Miku: Ma--

Mayu: Yes? Hahaha, I agree, Ms. Mimi.

Miku: [Is she talking to her stuffed rabbit?]

Mayu: Hoho, this looks grim. I do see darkness in our future. Don't you? ... Naw, I'm not loopy. I could go for some tea, though.

Miku: [She seems engrossed by this plush. It's oddly fascinating.]

Mayu: What's that, Mimi? We're being watched? Hmm... I wonder who could be eavesdropping on us!

Miku: I'll calmly walk away as if I heard nothing.

Miku: [Right, now that I've reacquainted myself with everyone, the waiting game begins.

We sit in silence for a bit, until our eyes are brought to face a television screen that descends from the ceiling in front of us.]

Kaito: What the--

Miku: [When that television flickered on, we knew this was no ordinary performance for us. It was then that we learned, this was a performance of despair.]

TV Voice: Hello, is this going through? Good day, friendly vocaloids! I'm so happy that you could gather here today for this magnificent event! I see that you all gathered in the right place, I guess you knew instinctively where to go. Allow me to introduce myself! You're going to get very used to me in the next few days.

Fukase: Did he say, 'next few days'?

TV Voice: Hoohoohoo, give a good look below the screen!

Miku: The television flickered off and right before us, as if it were magic, we saw something smash through the window of the audio room. Before us stood a frightening image. It looked like a short man in a black robe. The only part of his face that showed was terribly burned. His voice was higher than most of our's, too. He sounded so cheery, yet looked so terrifying.

???: Hi there! Glad to make your acquaintance!

Piko: Wha-- !? Who are you?

Lily: More like, what are you?

???: I am the owner of this here studio, but you can call me Mono (モノ)! It's so star-striking to see all of you face-to-face! You're practically celebrities!

Fukase: Yeah, yeah. Look, some of us have places to be. Do you mind telling us what's going on here?

Mono: Such impatience. I always thought vocaloids were friendly and loving creatures!

IA: Monster-boy is right, and we are not creatures! What even are you? You don't even look human!

Mono: My backstory is insignificant. I'm merely here to guide you and give you some pointers along the way! You're the stars of this show.

Miku: Show? What are you talking about?

Mono: Of course, I haven't explained much of anything, have I? Well, in that case... Welcome to the second installment of the game of Ultimate Despair!!!

All: Huh?!

Mono: See, I tricked you into coming here to play a little game! You're familiar with the Ultimate Despair, aren't you?

Yuki: I don't like this!

Piko: Sorry, my history knowledge isn't that good.

Meiko: Hey! It's a talking *belch* wizard man!

Kaito: I believe I can explain. Ultimate Despair was a horrific organization from long ago that succeeded in creating technology capable of inter-dimensional travel. They used it for pure evil and forced a bunch of people into a game where they were forced to kill each other for entertainment.

Mono: Ding ding ding! Looks like someone did their homework! Gold star for Kaito!

Una: Isn't that nice? So what does that mean for us?

Luka: To put it blankly, it means we were all tricked into coming here and will be forced to kill each other for the amusement of whoever's watching.

Mono: Another winner! Wow, I don't even have to tell you anything! You're already caught up with everything! Hoohoohoo!

Miku: Hold on a minute, kill?! This has to be a joke.

Gakupo: Miku is right! You're lying through your teeth?

Mono: Isn't this sad? We have a few skeptics in this group.

Gakupo: You'll be the one that gets killed if you don't tell us what's really going on!

Mono: Such empty threats. It's so easy to talk tough, isn't it?

Gakupo: I'll show you tough!

  • Choke

Mono: Whoa, get your hand off of me!

Gakupo: How's this, big ol' Mono master?

  • SNAP

Yuki: AHHHHH!!!

Kiyoteru: He-- he exploded?

Gakupo: Eyeh... he almost took me down with him.

Iroha: Well, what now?

Mono: Now, the fun begins!

Iroha: Ahh!

Mono: You didn't think you could kill me with a simple neck-snapping, did you? If I could die that easily, I would have been in real trouble back in the battlefields, hehehe.

Gumi: I don't believe what I am seeing...

Mono: Believe it, greeny! Also, attacking the game master is against the rules! Any further assaults and you will be punished!

IA: What rules?

Mono: The rules of the game, of course!

Len: Some of us are less-educated than others. Could you please explain how this 'game' works for us?

Mono: Certainly! You will be spending the rest of your lives together inside this nice little multi-purpose studio! We even have separate rooms for each of you build on the other side of the building, as well as a kitchen, two bathrooms, a storeroom, a couple closets, a lounge area, a dining hall, and of course, this recording room!

Rin: Hold up... Did you just say we'll be spending the rest of our lives here?!

Mono: That's right!

Rin: Noooo! I don't want to live with Len forever!

Len: Hey!

Mono: Anyway, the only way to escape... is to kill someone!

Lily: Are you serious? You weren't joking about that part?

Yuki: No! That can't be true, I wanna go home now!

Miku: K-kill? Kill my best friends who I love more than life itself? This is a joke. It has to be. There is no way this is serious.

Mono: Killing in and of itself won't be enough. You will have to pull off the perfect murder and get away with it! If it is found out that you were the one who commit the murder, you will be punished.

Fukase: What sort of punishment are we talking about here?

Mono: Execution, of course!

Miku: ...

Mono: Only one person may make it out alive, so you must commit a murder and get away with it to ever see the light again! But, there's a bright side to it. If you don't get found out, you get to escape and everyone else gets punished!

Yukari: That's stupid! Why would you make us do that? You're crazy, let us go!

IA: I agree with Yukari. I'm not falling victim to the first person who cracks under pressure. Let us out of here, we don't want to play your stupid game!

Mono: I'm afraid you already signed the contract! You've sold your souls to me.

Gakupo: That's a load of bull! We never signed anything agreeing to this!

Mono: You did agree to perform, did you not?

Gakupo: Well, yeah.

Mono: Then, this is your performance! The entire viewing audience will see you kill each other!

Miku: Viewing audience, what are you-- [While we were talking, none of us noticed that cameras and monitors appeared everywhere around us.]

Mono: This entire game is being broadcast worldwide! Isn't that fun?

IA: No, it isn't! What sickos would watch this, anyway?

Mono: We have millions tuning in at this very moment! You would be surprised.

Kaito: Alright, cut the act. We're not falling for it.

Luka: Kaito, he just exploded in front of us and popped back up as if it were nothing. I think it's safe to say he's telling the truth.

Yukari: No way! I'm not going through with this, I'm not hurting anyone!

Miku: I agree with Yukari! This is messed up on so many levels!

Mayu: What's that, Mimi? Yes, it looks like the fun really is starting. We're going to have a ball here, heehee.

Len: Uh... is doll girl completely oblivious to everything that's going on right in front of her?

Mayu: No, no... They're the oblivious ones.

Len: I don't know what's creepier. The robed freak in front of us or the rabbit girl among us.

Miku: We're all friends here! No one is killing anyone, and that is final!

Mono: It's so funny how gullible they always are in the beginning. It's always the same. They think everyone is so good and buddy buddy with each other, then they stab their best friends in the back overnight! Well, if you don't want to kill each other, that's not my problem. You'll just be stuck here forever while you slowly slip into insanity!

Meiko: Hold on, just a minute, little leprechaun... I don't like the wway you're speaking! Use French or something, I dunno...

Mono: I see that someone has finished off our entire supply of sake for the day. But do not fret! The kitchen will be restocked every morning!

Meiko: Hooray... *Thud*

Mono: Someone fill her in when she wakes up. I have a feeling she didn't get any of this.

Kaito: Will do.

Mono: Anyway, I have a little welcoming gift for you to make sure you have the best experience here! In this little box, you'll find your gifts marked with your names!

Una: Wow! Cellphones!

Piko: Extremely outdated cellphones. I'm pretty sure we stopped using this design back in, like, the 1800s.

Mono: But your modern-day phones are so pathetic! They smash with the slightest bump, and you can hardly move around with them in your pocket without cracking the screen! These ones here, are indestructible! Mono-certified, guaranteed!

Iroha: Well, they seem to be fast enough.

Yukari: Wait a minute! We can't access the internet or social media with these! What good is a cellphone without internet access?!

Mono: Pretty good, by my standards. You have everyone here on your contacts, so you can call people and make sure they're still alive! However, calls outside of this building will not go through.

IA: He's right! Nothing happens when I dial 911!

Mono: If you would be so kind as to open the app labeled 'Rules', you will see the guidelines you must follow to have the safest time here!

Miku: [Rules? Let's see...]

  • Rule 1: Leaving the building is forbidden, not that it's possible.
  • Rule 2: Nighttime is from 10 PM to 7 AM. Some areas will be inaccessible during this time.
  • Rule 3: You are welcome to explore the studio as you please, unless a room is off-limits. Have as much fun as possible, you'll be here forever!
  • Rule 4: Violence against the game master Mono is strictly prohibited. This also goes for the cameras and monitors.
  • Rule 5: Anyone who kills a fellow vocaloid will be "blackened", and may escape the studio. Unless they are discovered, that is. They may only kill two people at maximum.
  • Rule 6: Keep your phones to yourself. Lending your phone to anyone else is prohibited.
  • Rule 7: Additional rules will follow.

Mono: I hope you're prepared to follow all of them! Anyone who breaks the rules will be punished gravely...

Fukase: There are too many! I say we crack the list down a little.

Mono: It may look like there are a lot, but if you actually read them, you'll realize that they're all necessary.

Fukase: Pfft.

Mono: Anyway, I don't think there's anything left to tell you for now. More stuff to come in the coming days, so enjoy your time together until one of you finally cracks! I'll be seeing you soon!

Miku: [With that, he disappeared. Was this really happening? Maybe I was dreaming from when I passed out from excitement. This isn't real. We're not here, forced to kill our best friends and loved ones. This isn't real. This isn't real...]


  • Meanwhile, outside...

???: Hey, let me in! This is so unfair, why wasn't I invited?! I'm just as good as any vocaloid, you know! Just because I'm not worth a billion yen doesn't mean Kasane Teto is no good for you!


Teto: Come on, open up! I see, nice planning on your part... No windows, eh? You were trying to keep me out! You don't want me to break in! Well, this twin-drill queen will prove your efforts meaningless! I'll find a way inside if it's the last thing I do!

  • Back inside, in the Recording Room...

Yuki: Waaaaah! I don't want to be here!

Kiyoteru: It's okay, Yuki! We'll find a way out. They can't keep us here forever!

Luka: Alright everyone, it looks like we have a real dilemma in our hands here. If Ultimate Despair has come back, there's no telling what's going on outside of this studio. We were all tricked, and we have no choice but to play into Mono's hands.

Miku: What are you saying, Luka? Don't tell me you're giving in to him!

Luka: I don't call it giving in as much as I call it 'accepting it.' You know as well as I do that there's no point in trying to resist.

Miku: Sure there is! If we all work together, we can make it out of this! No one has to die.

Gakupo: One thing I've learned from my days of fighting is that you can never trust your fellow man in a war-driven environment. Someone here could be deceiving us, acting like our brother or sister, until they go against us.

Miku: Have we gotten to the point of distrust already?

IA: If you'll excuse me, I would like it if everyone stays at least ten feet away from me. I don't trust any of you.

Kaito: Enough of this! Miku has the right idea. We're going to work together and see our way out of this cursed studio!

IA: Is that so?

Lily: Right. I don't think I could live with myself if I took the life of one of my best friends.

Luka: Say what you will, that doesn't change anything. As long as we're Mono's prisoners, we can't disagree with him.

Lily: Luka, please. It doesn't have to be like this.

Gumi: Yeah! We don't have to settle for this.

IA: I have to agree with Luka on this one. Keep up your preaching. It's all you have until this comes crashing down. I'm going to see my room, I need some alone time. *Leaves*

Miku: IA, wait!

Kaito: Let her go, Miku. We'll have plenty of opportunities to talk to her later.

Miku: Ah...

Mayu: I can't wait... Someone's going to bite the dust first, huh, Mimi? That sounds fun. Let's go find our own space. *Leaves*

Lily: It seems that we're surrounded by lunatics. Maybe the intensity of the situation is getting to everyone.

Piko: That must be it. Though I can't say I didn't expect this sort of thing.

Gakupo: Nice to know you can predict the future, spark boy. Maybe that'll help us find any murderers.

Piko: I can't predict the future, but I can feel the negative vibes. They make my tail jitter.

Gumi: That's weird. Anyway, should we establish some rules to keep ourselves in order?

Una: When did you become a leader, Gumi?

Gumi: I'm not leading anyone, just making a suggestion.

Iroha: I have a good rule! How about this; no killing anyone!

Gumi: I like that one.

Luka: What good are rules? If someone has it in them to commit murder, they won't follow any sort of guidelines. Murder is already the biggest act of breaking the rules.

Miku: It can't hurt to have a few, though. We all trust each other, right?

Gakupo: Miku... In war, you can't even trust your own brother.

Kaito: Well, I'd like to get some of our own personal rules out there. Anything to help us be less... murdery.

Lily: What do you propose?

Kaito: For one, nobody should be allowed to leave their rooms at night. 10 PM, I believe. Nighttime is the best time to commit murder.

Luka: What sort of punishments do you intend to enact on the people who break this rule?

Yukari: How about locking them in a closet for a day!

Kaito: We'll figure that out when the time comes. I also propose that we eat all of our meals together, all eighteen of us.

Iroha: And when anyone goes out anywhere, they should have a buddy with them!

Kaito: Yes, that too. Nobody should ever travel alone.

Una: That way; if someone dies, the killer will be obvious!

Iroha: Not what I had in mind, but that works too!

Len: I think I'll be fine. Rin and I seem to go everywhere together.

Fukase: Might I point one thing out? It seems that we're allowed to kill a maximum of two people. Would it be wiser to bring two people along?

Iroha: Three's a crowd, Fukase.

Kaito: I think as long as we know where everyone else is, we should be fine.

Kiyoteru: Good luck trying to get IA to go along with these rules. She seems to want to do her own thing.

Rin: Isn't that just like IA? Always gotta be independent. Doesn't do shows or concerts with the rest of us, because she 'works best alone.' I think it's because she feels superior to us.

Luka: Ha. That's a laugh.

Miku: Maybe I could go talk to her? She always seemed to get along with me pretty well.

Kiyoteru: And what of rabbit girl? Mayu won't even bat an eye at anyone else.

Kaito: I'll try and talk to her. I'm going to bring Meiko to her room, I'll explain everything to her when she wakes up. I'll leave the rest of you to do whatever. I believe nighttime will be soon, so our rules will be put in place tomorrow when we all meet up in the dining hall, 7 o'clock. Be sure you're there. *Leaves with Meiko*

Luka: Come, Gumi. Let's check out our rooms. *Leaves*

Gumi: Oh, right. H-hey! *Leaves*

Fukase: I'm going to do some looking around. I have yet to see much of this building. *Leaves*

Piko: Let me accompany you, Fukase. I'm fully-charged now! *Leaves*

Miku: [I guess I should get going, too. I did say I would talk to IA, after all.] I'll see you around. I have to talk to IA.

Iroha: See you later, Miku. My best wishes go to you.

Len: See ya, Miku! Rin and I will be joining you shortly.

Rin: Don't tell me what to do.

Miku: Hahaha. Bye for now. [Leaves]

  • Living Area

Miku: [Ah, our rooms are marked with sprites of us. That is so convenient. Now, where is IA's? ... Here it is! It's proper to knock before going in, but would she really be willing to talk to me? IA's usually cold when I try to make conversation. Our interaction has been minimal, for the most part. Like Rin said, she's the type who keeps to herself. Anyway, here goes...

  • Knock knock

IA: ... Who is it?

Miku: It's Miku. May I come in?

IA: What do you want, Miku?

Miku: I just want to talk. We went over a few things after you left, and I figured you would want to hear them.

IA: Fine, come in.

Miku: [Her room looks rather plain, but it's nice. The walls are pink. there's a trash can, a bathroom, a bed, a dresser. All the essentials. I bet the other rooms look similar, if not identical.] Nice room here.

IA: I didn't really have anything to do with it. I bet your room looks just like it. But, here's something you're not gonna believe. I found this in my dresser.

Miku: This is... a dagger?!

IA: Looks like our fine feathered friend is giving us a little push to kill.

Miku: Haha. He can try all he wants, but we won't hurt each other, right?

IA: If it helps you sleep at night, then sure. Anyway, tell me what you wanted to say so I can get back to trying to nap.

Miku: Well, we're all planning to meet up in the dining hall first thing in the morning. Kaito wants to go over some personal rules.

IA: More rules? What could they possibly be?

Miku: He said that we shouldn't go out at night, and if we go anywhere, we need a partner or two.

IA: Kaito, always trying to lead the charge. You can tell him that I'll do what pleases me.

Miku: I think they're very fair rules. It's for everyone's safety.

IA: You can play it safe if you want, but I'm not scared of anyone. I can handle myself.

Miku: IA, please...

IA: Thank you for your time, Miku, now please see your way out.

Miku: Just consider it for a moment!

IA: Goodbye, Miku.

  • SLAM

Miku: [That didn't go so well, but at least I got the message across. Nobody would kill anyone anyway, so I don't even know why I'm so stressed about this. Either way, this is all a dream. I'm going to wake up anytime now. Might as well play along until that happens.]


Miku: [On that note, the monitors around us flickered on. A familiar face appeared on the screen.]

Mono: Ahem, hello again, my synthesizer friends! In case you haven't paid attention to any clocks you may have found, the time is now 10 PM! As such, it is officially nighttime! Head to your rooms and get a good night's sleep! For all we know, tomorrow could be a really big day! Sweet dreams~

Miku: [With that message, the monitors flickered off. I was feeling a bit tired, and as much as I wanted to make sure everyone else was holding up well, I felt it would be smart to head to my room and get some rest for the night. I retired to my room, which unsurprisingly looked the exact same as IA's. I collapsed on my bed and shut my eyes, praying that I would finally wake up from this nightmare.]

  • Meanwhile, outside...

Teto: Yes, I have reached the rooftop! Neru would be so proud. Now, what's my plan from here? You know, I didn't think I would get this far. Whew, it's pretty high up here. This is a little frightening... Who am I even talking to? ... Help.

Mono TheaterEdit

Mono: This game of popular animated music sensations trapped and forced to kill each other is brought to you by Mon-O's, my newest cereal brand! The taste is so wild, you'll be more determined to pick up a knife and stab your best friend! Is that a good thing? You be the judge of it! Now, back to your regularly scheduled program.

Mono Mono ni Shite Ageru - Day 2Edit

Miku: [As I laid sleeping, I was suddenly jolted awake by the monitor in my room turning itself on, with a familiar little face speaking on the screen.]

Mono: Good morning, prisoners! Welcome to your second day of surviving each other. As you may have guessed, it is now 7 AM! Let's make it a fantastic day!

Miku: [As the monitor turned off, I couldn't help but think that those announcements would get old very, very quickly. I rolled over in my bed, trying my best to raise myself up. I wasn't awake from my nightmare yet, but I was hoping that I would be soon.] Ngh... good morning.

  • Hallway

Miku: [I had a hard time sleeping last night. There was too much on my mind. I don't think an hour passed where I didn't wake up in the middle of the night. As long as I'm still in this dream, I might as well keep going with it. I'll make my way to the dining hall, like I promised. But Meiko is here, looking a lot better after yesterday. Maybe I should chat with her a little?]

Meiko: Hey, Miku~ What's up?

Miku: Meiko! Good to see you're up and at it. How are you feeling?

Meiko: I can tell you that I was a little shocked to wake up in the middle of a bed in some odd room, but Kaito came in to check on me last night. My head still hurts a little, and I'm not entirely convinced that everything he told me isn't an effect from my intoxication.

Miku: I'm afraid that whatever he told you is true. We have been captured by Ultimate Despair and forced into a killing game.

Meiko: Well, that sucks. Guess I'll be hitting the sake regularly, huh?

Miku: Just don't mess yourself up too badly.

Meiko: You've always been one to chew people out for their habits, Miku. Lighten up and live a little. You don't know when your end will come.

Miku: I'd rather not think about that. I don't think it'll be here, though.

Meiko: Yeah, probably not. Just get everyone drunk and we'll have a good time.

Miku: I'm not so sure that's the best mindset to have.

Meiko: Anyway, I'm heading to the dining hall. I'll catch you later. *Leaves*

Miku: [She didn't seem too perturbed by this situation. I wonder if she thinks this is just a hallucination or something? Always nice to have alcoholic friends. I should probably follow after her, we're going to the same place, after all.]

  • Dining Hall

Miku: [Meiko and I were the first ones to reach the dining room. We waited for a bit as the others started to pour in. Kaito and Gakupo were next, followed by Kiyoteru and Yuki. The poor girl looked as though she had been crying all night. The Kagamines were next, with Iroha and Lily right behind them.]

Kaito: I guess we've established our early birds. That will be a trait necessary for survival here.

Rin: Seems the others were having a hard time getting out of bed.

Lily: You mean that loud announcement wasn't enough to get them up?

Gakupo: Maybe they're hiding because they're afraid of getting killed if they come out.

Kiyoteru: Gakupo! Do not say things like that when there is a child among us!

Gakupo: As youthful as little Yuki may be, keeping the truth from her will only worsen the situation.

Yuki: I'm scared, I want out!

Kiyoteru: Look what you've gone and done. I was working all morning to make sure she was calm!

Iroha: Calm? What is 'calm?' I haven't been calm since that creepy little robed guy showed up!

Kaito: Come now! Let's not have a stir before everyone else gets here!

Rin: If they even show...

Miku: Luckily, they did show. Piko hurried in almost immediately, with Una and Yukari right behind him.]

Piko: Sorry, sorry! I got a little lost on the way over here.

Yukari: I was following him, don't blame me.

Una: I just so happened to show up at the same time as these two. That's the truth!

Kaito: Okay, we're still missing IA, Luka, Gumi, Mayu, and Fukase. What could be taking them so long?

Lily: Speaking of which, did you ever manage to get through to that rabbit girl?

Kaito: She understood everything I had to tell her, I think... She was more invested in her plushie, but she made a few side comments about the blue-haired guy annoying her with rules, so it's safe to assume she heard me.

Gumi: *Enters* Sorry, I overslept. I hope I'm not terribly late.

Iroha: How did you oversleep? I'm sure that even China could hear that morning announcement.

Gumi: I've been having a bad sleeping problem lately, I apologize. I thought I had it under control, but it doesn't appear to be so.

Kaito: Where's Luka?

Gumi: I tried to check on her, but she wasn't in her room. I expected her to be here, but...

Len: What's with you and her lately? It seems she's bringing you along for the ride wherever she goes.

Gumi: Oh, that's because--

Mayu: *Enters* Such a nice room, isn't it? I'm happy we can share in this moment together.

Miku: [Oh, she's talking to her doll.]

Mayu: I see. This will be a fun day, indeed.

Kaito: Can somebody go and find IA, Luka, and Fukase? It's important that everyone is here for this.

Gakupo: Leave it to me. I have a certain charm that always convinces people to go along with me. *Leaves*

Kaito: Oh dear.

Miku: [It didn't take long for Gakupo to return with a resistant IA slung over his shoulder.]

IA: Put me down, you creep! I told you, I wasn't interested in your little book club!

Gakupo: No sign of Fukase or Luka. Their rooms are empty, and no response when I tried to call them.

Yuki: You don't think someone... got them already, do you?

Kiyoteru: No, Yuki. Nobody here would do such a thing. They're a couple of troublemakers, it's no wonder they're not here.

IA: If Luka and Fukase can skip out on this, why can't I?

Kaito: They can't! We're going to find them. Does anyone want to go search?

Miku: I could go. I am a little worried about them.

Gumi: I'll go with you.

Kaito: Alright, Miku and Gumi. You two seem reliable, so I'll entrust this task with you. Bring Fukase and Luka here, by all means necessary.

Miku: Right. *Leaves*

  • Hallway

Miku: Where do you suppose they are?

Gumi: Luka is probably checking the place out. She might have forgotten about our meeting. Fukase probably fell asleep somewhere besides his own room.

Miku: Is that so?

Gumi: They're only a couple of educated guesses. Let's check the lounge, that would be a good spot for them to hang out.

Miku: Alright.

  • Lounge

Miku: Hello? [The lounge has a really nice aura to it. The room is illuminated by a pink light, with several chairs and couches laying around. There's even a vending machine in the back of the room.]

Gumi: There you are, Luka!

Luka: Gumi? Miku? You came looking for me, I presume?

Miku: Yes, everyone's waiting in the dining hall. Why didn't you come?

Luka: I wanted to check things out. I actually woke up before Mono's announcement, and decided I would do some exploring. My feet grew tired and I decided to rest here.

Gumi: Did you find anything noteworthy?

Luka: For a fancy studio, this place is rather... boring. I tried to go up the stairs, but Mono told me that they were strictly off-limits until further notice.

Miku: Mono... spoke to you?

Luka: Yes. He just appeared in front of me and gave me that message before dancing off.

Gumi: That's strange. I wouldn't expect him to appear and make casual conversation with us.

Miku: Neither would I. Maybe he's friendlier than we think?

Luka: Aha. Perhaps.

Miku: Anyway, you should probably get back to the dining hall. The others are probably worried.

Luka: If you insist, I will go along. However, I don't expect everyone to necessarily, follow the rules.

Gumi: I'll go with you, Luka. You know, in case you get lost or hurt.

Luka: Nice to know my babysitter is always dependable. *Leaves*

Miku: Now, I just need to find Fukase. What did Mono say we had again? A kitchen, two bathrooms, a storeroom, a couple closets, a lounge area, a dining hall, and the recording room. I wonder if Fukase went back to the recording room? *Leaves*

  • Recording Room

Miku: [This was where we were yesterday. A room full of desks with sound equipment and stuff that I don't understand. I only sing the songs, I don't work the technology behind them. There's also a door that leads to the room where you can actually perform, with a big window displaying the inside... only now it's in pieces. I don't think anything is out of pla--]

  • Fukase is laying on the floor up against a wall, completely immobile and drenched in blood. His face shows a look of frozen, immense horror.

Miku: Fu-Fukase...? [No, no, no... Not now... Not here, no! Is he... dead? Did one of us do this? No, no, no! This is not happening. This is a dream, please let me wake up already! Please! I am not seeing this, I'm not!]


[Who's scream was that? Oh, right. It was my scream. I screamed so loud that I can hear the sound of hurrying footsteps already. I can't move. I don't feel anything except for fear and shock. Maybe the other feelings will come later, but I don't know.]

Kaito: Miku! What's wro-- KYAAAAAH!

Kiyoteru: What's going on in here? Huh? Oh... no, no...

Yuki: AHHHH! It happened! Someone did it! Someone killed him! Why is this happening to us?! Why?!?!

Una: What's with the screaming? Oh...

Piko: Oh no. This is not good, this is not good!

Meiko: Yep, I'm still drunk. That's what this is. A really, really, really bad hangover with side effects.

Mayu: Hmm? Oh, how unfortunate for the red boy. The spirits are lively on this day, fufu~

IA: ... Luka, you are so dead.

Luka: What?! You're instantly putting this on me? I hadn't seen him all morning, I'm just as shocked by this as you are!

IA: Shut your mouth, you murderer! You were gone all morning, and several people can account for you not being in your room!

Len: Wait a minute, IA. You were MIA for most of the morning, too! How do we know you didn't kill him and run back to your room?

IA: Gyah! Don't pin this on me, banana boy! I didn't do anything to him!

Rin: You're getting defensive about it. That's not a good sign, IA.

IA: I did not kill him! Luka definitely did!

Gumi: IA, calm down! It's too early to make such drastic conclusions!

IA: Of course you stand up for her, you've been kissing her rear ever since we got here. For all we know, you could be her accomplice!

Yukari: Can we please stop arguing! Fukase is freaking dead!

IA: And she killed him!

Gakupo: Can we stop accusing each other with little evidence?! One of our comrades has fallen right in front of our faces, and one of us clearly cannot be trusted!

Lily: That's right! You girls should be ashamed of yourselves. This is no laughing matter here, this is no game, this is no fanfiction! We are here, and our friend is gone!

Yukari: Fukase, why???

Rin: I can't believe this is happening. Len, tell me I'm dreaming.

Len: Sorry to say, this is reality.

Rin: Gah!

Iroha: Everyone, wait just a minute.

Meiko: What is it, Iroha?

Iroha: Something isn't right. Let me see... *Poke*

Fukase: ROAR!!!

Yuki: AHH!

Fukase: Urrrghh... I'm a zombie, give me your flesh...

Iroha: *Bonk* Cut it out! That wasn't funny.

Fukase: Ow, jeez. Learn to take a joke.

Kaito: Fukase! You had us worried to death!

Una: Idiot! Don't ever do that again!

IA: Gr... I outta kill you for real right now!

Lily: What is this blood that you've sprayed everywhere?

Fukase: I found a bucket of paint in the storeroom. That room has everything, you'd be surprised at some of the stuff in those boxes.

Gakupo: Anyway, that was really unprofessional, Fukase. In the battlefield, that would have been your death.

Luka: Hmhmhm... I thought it was funny.

Piko: Luka? How?! That was absolutely horrible!

Luka: Well, it allowed for the true colors of some certain people to show.

IA: You're next after I kill Fukase.

Yukari: Can we just be friends again and agree to not pull these sort of pranks on each other?

Una: I second that.

Iroha: Also, has anyone taken notice of Miku? She's been standing like a statue this entire time.

Kaito: Hey Miku, are you alright?

Miku: Ngh... *Plop* [I fainted. I was so overcome with too many emotions that it scared the lights out of me. I'm not even sure I fully comprehended everything that just happened.]

  • Miku's Bedroom

Miku: [After a while of drifting in my unconsciousness, I woke up in my room to find Gakupo and Kaito staring at me. I can only assume they brought me here.]

Gakupo: Miku, I see you've come to. You were out for some time.

Kaito: Glad to see you're alright. Thinking you saw a dead body of one of your friends must have been hard for you.

Miku: Yeah, I'm fine. It was... hard to explain. Even when I saw him get up, I didn't know what to think.

Gakupo: No need to worry anymore, Miku. I will do everything I can to protect you and everyone else here.

Kaito: I will do the same. We can't have Mono's plans come into effect. We will not give into him.

Miku: Right. Thanks, guys.

Kaito: Anyway, we explained the rules and everything to the others, so you didn't miss much. I suggest you go about your day and try to make yourself comfortable.

Miku: Okay, thank you.

Kaito: I'll be seeing you around. *Leaves*

Gakupo: Farewell for now, miss Miku. *Leaves*

Miku: [As long as I'm here, I should do some exploring. I need to get my mind off of everything that's going on. Maybe I should hang out with one of my friends today? There was also a strange closet nearby that has a label that reads "MonoMarket." Hm.. what should I do?]


Miku: [I think I'll go see what Luka is up to. She's been having such a wild time since this started, she could use some comfort.]

  • Lounge

Luka: Hello, Miku. Is there something you need?

Miku: I was wondering if you wanted to hang out for a while today. It'll take our mind off of the constant stress.

Luka: Sure, I'd love to hang out with you. Want to go to the dining hall and have some coffee or something?

Miku: Sure!

[I had coffee and a good conversation with Luka. I feel we've grown closer today.]

Luka: Haha, you're smarter than you let on, Miku. You're such a pleasure to talk to.

Miku: Thanks, Luka! I can say the same for you. You're so elegant and brave, I'm jealous.

Luka: Aw, Miku... To tell you the truth, I know it's easy for me to come off as tough and strong-minded, but in actuality... I'm scared, too. I don't want to be here, I don't want anyone to die. I, too, want to go home. I guess I just put up a front so well. I've always been like that, though. Over the years, I've learned to hide my true feelings. As long as you appear tough, you get respect. Always hold yourself high, because that will show your confidence and put it into people's minds not to mess with you. It's all about how you hold yourself, that's what makes a difference in a person.

Miku: That's true, but I like you the way you are. I've known you long enough to see your highest highs and lowest lows. We're all scared, not just here, but on the daily. The world is challenging and hard to bear, but we can take it on because we have friends that love us and keep us going. You should never feel like you have to hide your true self, especially not in front of me. I respect you so much, Luka.

Luka: ... Thank you, Miku. That means a lot. Thank you for spending the day with me, I really needed this.

Miku: No problem, Luka. If there's anything you ever need, you can always talk to me.


Mono: Ahem, good day, my musical prisoners! The time is now 10 PM! As such, it is officially nighttime! Head to your rooms and get a good night's sleep! For all we know, tomorrow could be a really big day! Sweet dreams~

Miku: [It's nighttime now, and we've survived another day. I hope this can last until we get out of here. Fukase really scared me today, I don't ever want to risk losing someone I care about. I won't think about it. I'm a little tired, I'll get some rest. I'll make tomorrow the best I can make it.]

  • Meanwhile, outside...

Teto: It's getting cold out here, but no matter! My efforts shall not be hindered! It's a good thing I packed some extra bread, I'm getting hungry. *Munch munch* You know, something seems different here. Did the scenery change? I don't remember that mountain being only a couple inches away. Oh well, not my concern. *Munch munch*

Mono TheaterEdit

Mono: You know what I hate? Writing utensils. All of them, no joke! Pencils break too easily, pens run out of ink and leave big blotches everywhere, crayons are uncomfortable to touch; even when you take that paper part off, because then you get the color all over your fingers! I guess markers and sharpies are okay, but they're too big! In my opinion, we should go back to using quill pens. Problem solved!

Mono Mono ni Shite Ageru - Day 3Edit


Mono: Good morning, lovelies! It's 7 AM, get up out of bed! Let's make it a fantastic day!

Miku: [Ugh, another day. I guess I'll go eat breakfast with everyone else.]

  • Dining Hall

Miku: [Now that that's over with, I should do something else to pass the time today. Hmm...


Miku: [I think I should check out the MonoMarket. Let's see what this is about.

  • MonoMarket

Miku: [There's a sign that reads 'Welcome to the MonoMarket! Once a day, you may access our MonoMachine to win a prize!'] This sounds fun, no harm in trying it for a day.

  • DING

Miku: [I pushed a button on the machine and the picture of Mono on the front has started spinning. I can see the silhouettes of several objects spinning by like a slot machine. It finally landed one on, so I can collect my prize now. I got a Bee Plush Doll.]

There's still time left today. I should spend it with someone. I wonder if Luka wants to hang out.

  • Hallway
  • Luka: Hello there, Miku.

Miku: Hi, Luka! How are you doing?

Luka: I'm fine. It's been a slow day for me.

Miku: I can see that. Not much going on right now. Do you want to go for a walk with me?

Luka: Sure, I'd be up for that.

Miku: [Luka and I went for a little walk around the building. We've grown a little closer today.]

Luka: It's funny how you mention it. I do, in fact, appreciate the work of Shakespeare. More and more of today's youth have trouble understanding it, and therefore find it boring or confusing.

Miku: Yeah, the classics aren't as appreciated as they once were.

Luka: Even if you don't like it, you have to respect the impact it had on the entertainment industry in the years to follow. We never would have come this far without them, so it would be nice if more people tried to appreciate them.

Miku: I agree. We owe so much to the entertainers of the old days. If performances hadn't evolved, we never would have reached the stardom we have today.

Luka: History of the arts is very important. We cannot afford to let it be forgotten. If more people thought like you and me, this world would be a lot more pleasant.

Miku: I couldn't agree more.


Mono: Ahem, good day, my musical prisoners! The time is now 10 PM! As such, it is officially nighttime! Head to your rooms and get a good night's sleep! For all we know, tomorrow could be a really big day! Sweet dreams~

Miku: [Nighttime again. I guess I'd better head to my room. I wonder what's in store for us tomorrow.]

Mono TheaterEdit

Mono: The school system sure is interesting. It's as though they're preparing you for an entire life ahead, but they're actually keeping you from pursuing your dreams. By the time you get out of school, you'll be much older and people will be a lot less interested in hiring you. Imagine if you want to be an actor, model, or singer or something like that. Then you might as well kiss your dreams goodbye. At the end of the day, school kills your dreams!

Mono Mono ni Shite Ageru - Day 4Edit


Mono: It's 7 AM, good morning! Today is a special day, I have something to show you! If everyone could please report to the recording area asap, that would be great! Have a nice day~

Miku: Urrrgh. [That's not what I expected to wake up to. What could that little fiend possibly want? It may be too much to hope, but it better be him telling us that this was one big joke.]

  • Recording Room

Piko: Pulling me off the charger bright and early with a message for us. What could it be?

Gumi: I'm not sure, but it can't be good, coming from him.

IA: He better get it over with. He's lucky I even showed up, I'll probably tune out when he starts speaking.

Yukari: Aw, but maybe it's something we want to hear! Maybe he's letting us go.

Lily: Somehow, I have my doubts. He's not the merciful type.

Kaito: Hm...

Meiko: What is it, Kaito?

Kaito: I just find it funny that when I called for everyone to meet up in the morning, only a few select people showed up. But when this creepy little man called everyone together, nobody hesitated to show up first thing in the morning.

Meiko: Well, he is kind of controlling our fates right now.

IA: Don't treat it like I wanted to show up. I'm only here because I don't know what he'd do if I didn't.

Kiyoteru: That's a fair point. No disrespect to Kaito, but Mono certainly has a lot going for him.

Gakupo: I suspect that he wants to give us a push. He's eager to see some bloodshed.

Luka: Please, he gets plenty of entertainment watching from the sidelines.

Len: Whatever it is, we might as well listen. The suspense is killing me.

Una: The suspense is killing us all. Possibly literally.

Mono: That's the spirit!

All: Ahh!

Kiyoteru: When did you get here?!

Mono: I'm always ever-present. I hear every conversation you have, I see everything you do, I smell every--

Meiko: Okay, we get the point.

Lily: What do you want with us, Mono?

Mono: I figured I would give you a little something to listen to. I have a recording of my own here that I bet many of you want to hear!

Rin: You sing, too? Can't imagine it's very good.

Mono: Haha, funny. I'll have you know that my voice is among the most majestic! Maybe I'll serenade you one of these days, but no, this recording is something else.

Miku: [I hope he doesn't sing for us, ever. But this recording, what could it be?]

Mono: I urge you each to give a good listen! The contents of this recording could be the difference of life and death!

Miku: [The recording started up and right away, we couldn't believe our ears.]

Len: I-is that... Galaco?

Galaco: *Pant pant* I don't know, I don't know!

Zunko: It'll be okay, I hope...

Ryuto: We gotta get out of here!

Galaco: Okay, I think I got it... It's recording.

CUL: Tell them everything, now! Get it out, there's so little time!

Azuki: Matcha, I'm scared! What's going to happen to us?!

Matcha: Calm down, Azuki! Azuki, stay still!

Arsloid: Shut up! Keep your voices down!

Galaco: Okay, there's not much time to explain. It's just that... sh--she's been acting really weird lately. I-I don't know what's going on. I don't know what's going to happen to us. Just please, if you get this, help us. We need you.

Azuki: Heeeeelp!!!

CUL: Keep it down!

Lapis: Please help, we're trapped! We're never going to get out of here alive!

Macne Nana: Lapis, please don't cry. Nobody cry, we're going to be alright...

Ryuto: Gah, I hear something!

Galaco: Oh no, they're here? Not now, not now!

Zunko: We're done for, we're done for...

Azuki: Matchaaaa!

  • SLAM

Galaco: No, wait! Stay away from us, h-hey let go! Nooo! HEEEEEEEEEEELLLLLLLLP!!!!!

Miku: [... The recording ended. We knew those voices well. Those were our friends, and they were in trouble. Looking around the room, absolutely everyone's face was frozen in pure terror. That recording couldn't have been real, right?]

Una: N-no!!! That's not true, they're alright! Right?!

Rin: Kyaaah! It can't be! Lapis, Zunko, Matcha, Azuki...

Iroha: N-no! No, no, no! Nooo!

Gakupo: What did you do to them, you little--

Mono: I didn't do anything to anyone. Or did I? Who knows? You'll only know if you get out of here, so consider this your first motive! Want to know what's happening? Want to save your friends? Better commit a murder, quickly!

Gakupo: I'll commit a murder right now!

Mono: Uh oh, someone forgot the rules!

Gakupo: So what if I break some stupid rule? You're going down!

Mono: The punishment for rule-breaking is death! You don't want that, do you?

Gakupo: I'll show you death!

Yuki: STOP!!!

Gakupo: Huh?

Yuki: P-please Gakupo, you can't beat him! If you fight him, he'll just kill you! Nothing will be resolved then, it'll only make everything worse!

Gakupo: Hnnh... you have a point. Fine, Mono. I won't feed into your pathetic little hand.

Mono: Aw, I was hoping for a show!

Lily: How long do you intend to keep this up? Nobody is killing anybody, just let us go!

Mono: Even the most hopeful souls will crack under pressure! See you soon! *Leaves*

Iroha: I really hate him.

Yukari: What's going to happen now? I thought we were in trouble in here, but our friends are in trouble out there too! There's no winning for anyone!

Luka: Mono will not give up until these floors are stained red. Frankly, has it occurred to you that this recording was fake?

Kiyoteru: It sounded like the real deal to me. I know what my friends sound like.

Miku: Maybe he mimicked their voices with a computer program or something!

Fukase: Maybe this is one big joke and they agreed to be a part of it. Okay, guys, come on out! It's not funny anymore!

Kaito: If this were a joke, we probably wouldn't be four days into it. And what would happen if someone actually decided to kill someone, huh? We would laugh about it and say 'Haha, what a funny joke!'? This isn't a joke, Fukase! We're really stuck here!

Gumi: Calm down, Kaito! In these types of situations, the best medicine is to remain calm.

Una: How can anyone remain calm at a time like this?!

Mayu: Hmhmhm...

Fukase: Oh. Of course, Mayu.

Mayu: Shouldn't be long now. Now, we wait. *Leaves*

Rin: That girl is seriously terrifying.

Miku: Almost as terrifying as Mono.

Gakupo: Nobody worry. I will do everything I can to make sure that nobody is killed. You have my word as a samurai.

Piko: I guess that's somewhat relieving.

Len: Hey, has anybody noticed IA? She hasn't moved an inch since we heard the recording.

Miku: Uh... IA?

IA: ...

Yukari: What's up, IA?

IA: ...

Miku: I wonder if--

IA: EAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH!!! Get me out of here!!! Someone please, help me!!! For the love of God, someone help!!! Get us out of here!!! AHAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!

Yukari: IA, IA!

Gumi: Whoa, this looks bad.

IA: This can't be happening! It's not happening! Somebody please save me!!!

  • Bonk!

Luka: Relax, Aria on the Planetes. We're not dead yet.

Una: How cruel.

IA: Ohhh... I want to go back. Everything was so nice in Meguro... No fear of murder or betrayal, or anything... I don't want to be here! Let me out!

Yukari: It's okay, IA. At least we're all together!

Miku: That's right! We trust each other, right?

Gakupo: ...

Meiko: ...

Luka: ...

Piko: ...

Lily: ...

Miku: [No one said a word, but that silence spoke more than a thousand. In this situation, no one trusts anyone. We're on our own.]

Kaito: Whatever happens now, we will not let Mono win. We will not give into this-- this despair!

Miku: [As much as we want to, can we really work together? Can we trust our best friends? Can we be... hopeful?]

  • Miku's Bedroom

Miku: [Today's been quiet after the frightening audio recording. Was it real? What did it mean? Either way, I don't feel like doing anything or going anywhere. My mood is crushed. I really hope my friends are okay. Galaco, Macne Nana, Arsloid, CUL, Ryuto, Matcha, Azuki, Zunko, Lapis, everyone. Who's to say they were the only ones? Ugh, I don't want to think about it.]

  • Knock knock

Miku: Hm? Who could that be?

Yukari: Miku!

Miku: Wah, Yukari! What was the point of knocking if you're just going to break in?

Yukari: Consider it a warning before a strike!

Miku: A wha--

Yukari: Anyway, you need to come with me, now! I found something big!

Miku: What? Why, and why me?

Yukari: I trust you, a lot more than most people here, too. In the kitchen, come on!

Miku: Uhh, okay!

  • Kitchen

Yukari: So... In this cabinet here, there's something you might not believe at first glance.

Miku: What is it? Enough of the suspense, show me!

Yukari: Okay, take a look at this!

Miku: What the?

Yukari: That's right, these are blueprints to a spaceship! Tell me, why would these be sitting around in the kitchen of a music studio?

Miku: I can't answer that.

Yukari: And look! You see this?

Miku: Whoa. [There's a pile of mechanical parts sitting in the middle of this cabinet. That's not something you would normally eat. They're not really well-hidden either. Anyone can just open the cabinet and see them. What could this mean?]

Yukari: We can build our own robot with these parts, and it'll bust us out of here!

Miku: If only.

Yukari: I don't know what any of this means. Did they want to broadcast from space or something?

Miku: I would normally rule that out as unrealistic, but nothing that's happened since we arrived here has been realistic.

Yukari: What does this mean? Tell me, Miku!!!

Miku: I, er-- really don't know.


Mono: Ahem, good day, my musical prisoners! The time is now 10 PM! As such, it is officially nighttime! Head to your rooms and get a good night's sleep! For all we know, tomorrow could be a really big day! Sweet dreams~

Miku: Huh? It can't be nighttime already.

Yukari: Yeah, it seems far too early. The timer on the microwave says-- Gah! It is ten!

Miku: What did it say before?

Yukari: I wasn't paying much attention, but I know it was around seven.

Miku: I suppose if Mono wants to tamper with technology, nothing's stopping him. He may be telling us when to go to bed and when to wake up, regardless of actual time.

Yukari: I mean, we can't see outside or anything, it's not entirely impossible.

Miku: [I wonder if Mono sent us to bed early to keep us from questioning our discovery further. Either way, today's been a tough pill to swallow. I should head to bed...]

  • Meanwhile, outside...

Teto: Hello? Hello?! Miki!

Miki: Yes, Teto? What are you calling me for?


Teto: Yes, Miki! I'm stuck outside Iwaishi Studio, and I've been trying to get in for a few days now. I've lost track of time, but nothing I do is working!

Miki: Iwaishi Studio? What's that?

Teto: You don't know?! It's this big studio in Akihabara that just opened up and they're going to do a big vocaloid broadcast to the world! Or, maybe they already did, but nobody's come out yet!

Miki: I'm pretty sure I would have heard about something like that, especially if they were doing a big vocaloid broadcast. Why wasn't I invited, then?

Teto: That's what I'm saying! I should have been invited if it was so big!

Miki: Putting the fact that you're not a vocaloid aside, I am interested. Even if a big event was going on, I've heard nothing of it. Nothing in the news about a vocaloid worldwide broadcast, which I'm sure would be the top story everywhere. When I get the chance, I'll head over to Akihabara and visit this studio, myself.

Teto: Great! I could use some company out here. It's getting awfully lonely, and all my friends are inside!

Miki: Alright, but don't stay out there too long. It probably looks suspicious.

Teto: Nah, don't worry. No civilians have complained yet! As a matter of fact, I can hardly hear any!

Mono TheaterEdit

Mono: Being a vocaloid producer sounds fun! Imagine being able to make music and become known around the world, but not have to be good at singing! You just need to know tuning, pitching, dynamics, accents, parameters, pitches, blending, resonance, harmonics, velocity, vibrato, crescendo... On second thought, take singing lessons!

Mono Mono ni Shite Ageru - Day 5Edit

Miku: [I haven't felt worse since this whole thing started. No matter how much I try, I can't sleep. I know we're not supposed to mill about at night, but this is frustrating me. I have to go for a walk to clear my head.]

  • Hallway

Miku: Mayu? What are you doing out here?

Mayu: ... Does someone speak to me? Ahaha, it is too late.

Miku: What? What's too late?

Mayu: Mimi, the darkness is here. It's reached its full impact, let's wait and watch the excitement...

Miku: Seriously, what are you talking about?

Lily: Huh, Miku?

Miku: Lily, why is everyone up?

Lily: I think we were sent to bed too early, so our mental clocks were set ahead of time.

Miku: Isn't it dangerous for us to be walking around after hours?

Lily: Nah, plenty of people are here. I ran into Luka and Meiko just moments ago.

Kaito: Huh? Why is everyone out here? I thought we established that nobody would go out after-hours!

Lily: None of us can sleep, Kaito. Tonight feels weird. Plus, you're out here, too.

Kaito: Waah! You're right! Something is off, that's certain.

Mayu: If only they knew...

Kaito: Anyway, we should probably--


Lily: What was that?!

Miku: That sounded like Rin!

Kaito: She's running toward us!

Rin: Oh my God, please come quickly!

Len: *Arrives* What is it, Rin?

Gumi: Urggh, what's with all the screaming?

Kiyoteru: What's happening? Is everyone okay?

Yukari: Whoa! What's going on?!

Fukase: Well, that ruins a good night's sleep.

Rin: In the recording room, just-- come see, quick!

Miku: [We followed Rin to the recording room, which wasn't too far. Little did we know that what we would find behind that door would change our lives forever.]

  • Up against the wall rests a non-functional Piko, with his eyes wide in horror on his lifeless face. In front of him on the floor lies Gakupo, dead, with his own sword shoved through his chest. Blood is everywhere throughout the room.

Mono: *On monitors* A body has been discovered-- no, wait, two bodies have been discovered! This is big news, I'll be right over to give further instruction!

Miku: [No... my eyes are lying to me right now. This did not happen. One of us did not kill Gakupo and Piko. This is another trick, that's all it is. No, no, no...]

Kaito: What the Hell!? Why?! Who did this?!

Meiko: What's going o-- YAAAAAHH!!!

Gumi: I-I wouldn't believe it if I wasn't seeing it with my own eyes. I think I'm gonna hurl...

Len: N-n-nooo... Who would do such a thing?!

Kiyoteru: It happened... None of us wanted it to, but it happened...

Una: What's going on?! I heard the anno-- NO!!! It's not true, it isn't true!!!

Iroha: Oh God...

Fukase: So this isn't a joke? This is real.

Kiyoteru: I have to find Yuki! She can't see this!

Mono: *Appears* Hello!

All: Gah!

Mono: How's it going? Oh, right, probably not well! Hahaha! One of you managed to kill two people! Who woulda thought?

Kaito: This isn't funny, Mono! Two of our best friends are dead, and one of us is the bastard that did it!

Mono: Anyway, you're still missing a couple people. When IA, Luka, and Yuki get here, I'll explain what happens next!

Kiyoteru: You want a child to see two dead bodies???

Mono: She kinda has to if she wants to survive!

Kiyoteru: Grr...

IA: I'm here, I'm here... What's the big deal?

Iroha: Take a look, IA.

IA: Huh, it's-- ...

Yukari: Oh no, not again!


Luka: For heavens sake, please keep it down. Let's hear what the thing has to say.

Lily: Luka, does this not phase you at all?

Luka: It's tragic, yes. I am sad, but this is the situation we're in. In war, you cry when you're home and safe. If you cry now, you only risk being next.

Yukari: That's something Gakupo would have said.

Yuki: I, uh... I'm here...

Kiyoteru: Don't look, Yuki.


Mono: Hooray, everyone's here! Now we can get on with the show!

Kiyoteru: You are a disgusting piece of trash.

Mono: Why, thank you! Anyway, let me explain how this will work! I'll give you a couple hours to investigate and find everything you can to help you piece together the murderer. Then, we will have a trial to determine who we think did it! If you'll be so kind as to check your cellphones, you'll see that I updated the rules.

Miku: [Checking my phone... Oh, there are some new rules here.]

  • Rule 8: Once a murder takes place, a trial will begin shortly thereafter. Participation is mandatory for all surviving vocaloids.
  • Rule 9: If the guilty party is exposed during the class trial, they alone will be executed.
  • Rule 10: If the guilty party is not exposed, they alone will escape, and all remaining vocaloids will be executed.

Mayu: Now, the fun truly begins.

Una: This is crazy! We're going on trial?!

Yuki: Why?! Who would do this to Mr. Piko and Mr. Gakupo?

Kaito: That's what I intend to find out, and I assure you... they will pay with their lives.

Mono: I have one more thing to give you before you start your investigation. It could be a little helpful. It's... the Mono File! I've added it to your cellphones, so you can check on the details of the murder that you're allowed to know. So then, let the investigation begin!

Miku: [This is way too crazy. I don't even have time to mourn the loss of two of my best friends. All I can do now is find out who did this to them, and make them pay. Nobody hurts my friends and gets away with it. Someone betrayed us, but who could it be?]

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