This is the second part of the first chapter of Danganronpa - Vocaloid Showdown.

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The Mono FileEdit

Victim: Utatane Piko / Kamui Gakupo

  • The time of death was around 4:15 AM.
  • The bodies were found in the recording room.
  • Gakupo's cause of death was a stab through the heart with his own sword.
  • Piko's hands are covered in blood, and his tail is soaked in an unknown liquid.


  • Truth Bullet: The Mono File

Miku: [I have to do this. I need to know who did this to Piko and Gakupo. Two of my best friends, gone before my very eyes. But we have to push on. We can't let their killer get away with this, or we'll be next.]

[There's a trash can knocked over and a few scratch marks on the wall. Could it be that a fight took place here?]

  • Truth Bullet: Evidence of Struggle

[Hmm... Gakupo...]

Iroha: Strange, isn't it?

Miku: What? Aside from, well, everything.

Iroha: Gakupo's katana is in his own chest, yet his hands are still gripping the handle. It almost looks like he plunged the sword into his own chest. Would he do that?

Miku: You mean, he killed Piko and then himself?

Mono: *Pops in* Nope!

Iroha & Miku: Wah!

Mono: I won't say much about the case, but this definitely was the work of a living person! That's all, keeping my mouth shut! *Leaves*

Miku: I guess that somewhat helps, but it's strange that his hands are still firmly holding onto his katana.

  • Truth Bullet: Gakupo's Hand Position

Miku: Piko... His hands are bloody, but nothing else is?

  • Truth Bullet: Piko's Bloody Hands

Miku: I don't see blood anywhere else. Now, to check his tail...

Fukase: This is what did him in.

Miku: Huh?

Fukase: Piko's tail is electric-charged. It connects to the rest of his body, so he must have had a jolt of electricity when his tail was soaked. In a way, he short-circuited.

Miku: Then, how are his hands bloody?

Fukase: That I do not know.

  • Truth Bullet: Piko's Tail

Kaito: Hey, come look at this.

Miku: What is this?

Kaito: It appears to be a strand of hair. Bright pink hair, to be exact.

Yukari: Hey, this can be a serious lead!

  • Truth Bullet: Strand of Pink Hair

IA: L-l-l-l-- Luka!!!

Una: Caught red-handed!

Kaito: Let's not jump to conclusions. Our lives are on the line, we have to exercise all possibilities.

Una: Where even is Luka?

IA: She scampered like the little c-cowardly murderer she is!

Miku: I'll go talk to her. There has to be a good reason for this.

IA: Okay, but I'm going with. I need to hear what this girl has to say.

  • Hallway

Miku: Hey, there's Kiyoteru and Yuki!

Yuki: It-- it's just too much...

Kiyoteru: I know, Yuki, I know. It'll be okay, don't worry.

Miku: Kiyoteru, anything strange out here?

IA: Or any sign of that pink-haired murderer?

Kiyoteru: Not particularly. However, there is one thing that puzzles me.

Miku: What's that?

Kiyoteru: How clean it is out here. You would think that there would at least be some tracks of blood or something, but it's completely clear.

Miku: Ooh, you're right!

  • Truth Bullet: Clean Hallway

Kiyoteru: As for Luka, I think I saw her strolling off toward the dining hall. Gumi was with her, too.

Yuki: Did Luka do this?

Miku: We don't know who did it, Yuki, but we're going to find out.

IA: Fleeing from the scene, huh? Let's catch her!

Miku: Hey, IA! Wait up!

  • Dining Hall

IA: She's not here, she must be in the kitchen!

  • Kitchen

Gumi: I just don't get it. Who would do such a thing?

Luka: Hard to imagine. By the way, Gumi, how have you been sleeping?

Gumi: Oh, not well. I didn't get much sleep at all last night.

Luka: That's unfortunate. Anyway, I see we have guests.

Gumi: Huh? When did they get here?

IA: Enough, Luka! We know you did this, and you're going down!

Luka: Why are you always out to get me? I didn't kill anyone.

IA: Stop lying! We found a strand of your hair at the crime scene!

Luka: Is that so? I wonder how that could have got there. I never entered the recording room.

Gumi: Could it be a setup?

Luka: Come to think of it, the hairbrush from my room went missing yesterday. I thought I had misplaced it, but it seems that was not the case.

Miku: Hmm. Do you think someone could have broken into your room?

Luka: I spent most of the day in the lounge, so it's entirely possible.

  • Truth Bullet: Luka's Account

IA: Here's a way we can prove or disprove that. Let's search everyone's room until we find Luka's hairbrush!

Luka: I think that sounds fair.

Gumi: I don't think most people would consent to us searching their rooms, though.

IA: This is an investigation, we have to stretch all limits. Come on, girls! Let's find that hairbrush!

Miku: I guess you're right. Let's go.

Luka: Hold on, there is something in this room that gives us a good piece of evidence.

IA: And what would that be?

Luka: See that display of cups? There are seventeen of them, and one is missing from the front row. Do you think our killer had a late night beverage?

IA: That is most certainly strange.

  • Truth Bullet: Missing Cup

Miku: We'll keep note of that, but we have to get to room searching. Let's go.

  • Hallway

Gumi: You know, it just occurred to me. What if the killer stole Luka's brush, but then put it in someone else's room to frame them?

IA: Don't be ridiculous. The person being framed would have found it.

Gumi: Unless it was really well-hidden.

Miku: Let's search anyway. If we find a hairbrush, it'll at least put us in the right direction.

IA: Okay, I'll search the rooms of Gumi, Yukari, Iroha, Fukase, and Meiko. Miku, you search Lily, Luka, Rin, Len, Mayu, and Kaito. Gumi, you search Miku, Una, Kiyoteru, Yuki, and the dead guys just to be sure. Luka, you're coming with me. I don't trust you on your own.

Luka: Is that so?

Gumi: I will also search your room, even though you did not mention it.

IA: Ugh. Fine, I have nothing to hide.

Miku: Let's get going, then.

  • Lily's Bedroom

Miku: [Nothing suspicious to be found here.]

  • Luka's Bedroom

Miku: [Well, there's no hairbrush to be found here. So there's a chance she wasn't lying about that. Either way, there's nothing suspicious here.]

  • Rin's Bedroom

Miku: [Nothing to be found here.]

  • Len's Bedroom

Miku: Hm? What's this under the bed? *Gasps* It's Luka's hairbrush! It even has hair attached to it!

  • Truth Bullet: Hairbrush

Miku: I have to tell the others.

  • Hallway

Miku: Mayu! Are you helping with the investigation?

Mayu: Pondering, pondering.

Miku: I guess not. *Sighs*

Mayu: This morning, Mimi, wasn't it fun? We saw a lot, didn't we?

Miku: Wait, what? What did you see?

Mayu: I bet the others wished they saw such a show, hehehe. It was so entertaining.

Miku: Mayu, what show? What happened?

Mayu: Ehehehe... *Leaves*

Miku: Mayu, wait!

  • Truth Bullet: Mayu's Account

IA: We're back, and we didn't find anything.

Gumi: Neither.

Miku: Oh, I did, though!

IA: Whoa, I didn't expect it to actually come up. Where did you find it?

Miku: Len's room, under his bed.

Luka: Typical of him, that little brat.

Gumi: We can't rule out framing just yet. Maybe we should talk to Len?

Miku: That sounds good. I'll go talk to him. The rest of you, keep investigating elsewhere.

IA: Look at you giving orders and such. Hmph.

Miku: What? Anyway, better go find Len.

  • Lounge

Miku: [Funny, all the guys are in here.]

Kaito: Gakupo was definitely a brave man. No doubt he went out fighting.

Fukase: I agree, he wouldn't go down so easily. Don't you think that means something?

Kaito: Of course it does. It had to have been someone strong enough to take on Gakupo. An experienced samurai wouldn't go down so easily.

Kiyoteru: That's what I was thinking. Do you think that rules out the girls as suspects?

Len: I wouldn't jump to such conclusions. I've seen what Rin can do when she's angry.

  • Truth Bullet: The Guys' Conversation

Fukase: Oh hey, Miku's here.

Len: Hey, Miku! Any luck so far?

Miku: Actually, Len, I wanted to talk to you.

Fukase: Ohhh, Len's in trouble!

Len: Quiet, Fukase. What is it, Miku?

Miku: Were you aware that this hairbrush was under your bed?

Len: Kyah! What?!

Kaito: Huh? Isn't that Luka's hair?

Len: I swear, I'm being framed! I've never touched Luka's hairbrush! I've never even been in her room! By the way, what were you doing in mine?

Miku: Investigating. Luka said her hairbrush was stolen yesterday, we went searching for it.

Len: That's ridiculous! Who would try to frame me?

Miku: We're not pointing fingers just yet. I only want to know if you have any knowledge that could help out with this.

Len: Okay, let me think. Aha! This morning, before Rin screamed, I heard scampering in my room while I was in the bathroom. I chalked it up to imagination, but it might have been more than that.

  • Truth Bullet: Len's Account

Kaito: That's strange. Sounds like a clear setup to me.

Fukase: Wouldn't you have heard the door open or close, though?

Kiyoteru: Unlikely. I spoke with Mono yesterday, and he mentioned that the doors are cushioned in such a way that they won't make noise if opened or shut.

  • Truth Bullet: Door Cushions

Fukase: Now why would he design them like that?

Len: Isn't it obvious? To make it easier to sneak into people's rooms and kill them in their sleep. Gah, he's such a sicko! I hate him!

Kaito: Anyway, we must get back to investigating. Who knows when the trial will start?

Miku: Right. Thank you for your input, Len.

Len: Sure thing, Miku! Now I'm even more determined to catch this killer. Who would want to frame me?

  • Hallway

Una: Miku, come quick! Look what I found!

Miku: What is it, Una?

Una: In the storeroom, hurry!

  • Storeroom

Miku: Wow, this place is a mess!

  • Truth Bullet: Messy Storeroom

Una: Exactly! Someone was knocking boxes all around. It's even less organized than it usually is.

Miku: That I can agree to. This is one messy killer.

Una: And take a look under this box.

Miku: This is... this is a shattered cup!

  • Truth Bullet: Broken Cup

Una: Look even closer. Something is definitely off.

Miku: Oh, I see it. One of the pieces of the cup is discolored. Why might that be?

Una: The killer might have tried to smash multiple things. As if there was more than just the cup to destroy.

  • Truth Bullet: Discolored Shard

Miku: They sure did a good job of disposing of the rest of whatever it was. I wonder why this one shard in particular was left?


Mono: Time's up! Report to the main entrance, where you will find an elevator in the door that I have so graciously opened for you! It is there where we will descend to the depths of planet Earth and hold our trial to find the killer!

Una: Oh no, it's time.

Miku: I hope we've gathered enough evidence to find the person who did this.

Una: I'm scared, Miku.

Miku: Me too, Una. Me too.

  • Main Entrance

Miku: [We're all here. One of the fifteen friends I have made over the course of my life killed Piko and Gakupo. Piko was such a spark of delight and energy. Nobody could ever want him dead. And Gakupo... he was so strong and bold. He swore to protect us, even if it meant giving up his life. I will not let their deaths be in vain. We have to find this killer.]

Fukase: This is real. I can't believe this is happening, but we have to catch this killer.

Kiyoteru: Whatever happens, we have to stay strong. We need to find out who did it, for everyone to live on.

IA: I don't see the point of a trial. I'm still not entirely convinced Luka didn't do it, but let's go on ahead. I want to know who's responsible for this.

Yuki: I don't like this at all! I've never been this scared in my whole life!

Len: Someone tried to frame me. Ooh, I hope they get ripped limb from limb. What? I'm not crazy or anything.

Rin: I still can't believe I saw two dead bodies. The image is permanently burned into my head. Someone did this, but who?

Kaito: Whatever it takes, we'll track down this fiend and give them a deserving punishment. An eye for an eye, like they always say.

Lily: Piko and Gakupo were really good guys. It's a shame someone had to do this, but I guess this will return the favor.

Mayu: Are you excited, Mimi? I sure am. Hehehe...

Gumi: I'm shaking where I stand. If this goes wrong, well, this is goodbye.

Luka: I hope I can clear my name. If they don't stop blaming me, we're all dead. Either way, this will be fun.

Meiko: Tracking down a killer is one thing. It's another to make someone talk. I'm good at that, so this trial will be a cinch! We'll have that weasel exposed in no time!

Iroha: My stomach is hurting so much. I can't take the intensity of this situation. I don't want to die.

Una: I hate this. Why did they have to die? Why did someone have to murder? We could have revolted. We could have done so much, yet here we are. It's too late to go back now, we have to push forward.

Yukari: Let's get this trial started! I'm ready for some class A killer-busting! Let's do our best!

Miku: [And so, we must prepared for the trial ahead of us. This is where everything will come out. This is where we will face the killer, who is among us. I can't believe we're doing this, but beliefs do not matter here.]

  • Elevator

[The elevator descends with us inside. If we're lucky, fifteen of us will be taking this back up. If not, only one will.]

  • Trial Room

Mono: Welcome to the trial room, my friends!

Kaito: Well, it looks more casino-y than I expected.

Mono: Just some nice little decorations to help you feel comfortable while talking each other to death. You better have prepared yourselves, because this is going to be one crazy time!

Miku: I bet it is, and I have prepared myself. Let's do this...

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