This is the first trial of Danganronpa - Vocaloid Showdown.

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Mono: Now then, let's start with a basic explanation of the trial! As it unfolds, you will present your arguments for who the killer is, and vote for whodunnit! If your votes are correct, only the blackened will receive punishment. But if your votes are incorrect... I'll punish everyone besides the blackened, and the one who duped everyone else will escape from Iwaishi Studio!

Luka: Sounds fair. Let's figure this out.

IA: Not admitting to your guilt yet, huh, killer?

Lily: Let's not jump to conclusions so hastily. There is a lot of evidence, and a lot to go over.

Kaito: Lily's right. I'm not entirely convinced this will be over in a matter of minutes.

IA: Why not?

Lily: Have you forgotten the stakes? If we get this wrong, we can't just press "Retry" and have another chance. We're fighting for our lives here.

Fukase: Let's get to it, then. What did everyone discover while investigating?

Kiyoteru: An awful lot. We're going to have to take this piece by piece.

Lily: Right. So, uh, where do we begin?

Iroha: How about with motive? Why would anyone want to kill Piko and Gakupo?

Yukari: I mean, hearing that recording is a solid piece of reasoning.

Rin: Was it just that, though? Or was there more to it... ?

Una: In any case, murder is murder, and whoever did it deserves punishment!!!

Lily: Piko and Gakupo were pretty friendly guys. I don't know if they would have any enemies here.

Len: Right. As far as I could tell, we were all friends.

Gumi: I guess actions really do speak louder than words.

Yuki: It doesn't make any sense, though! Why would anyone do such a thing?

Kaito: I don't want to believe that one of us killed them either, but the killing games have a pretty good track record of not lying about this.

Mono: Hohoho, you couldn't be more right! This definitely was murder, promise!

Gumi: Should we look the first piece of evidence, then?

Fukase: What would necessarily classify as the "first piece" of evidence?

Gumi: The first piece of evidence we found at first glance. The bodies themselves.

Kiyoteru: Right. Piko was against the wall, and Gakupo was on the floor.

Meiko: With a sword through his chest!

Gumi: Right. Why would they be in such different positions, and why kill two people? If the motive was only to get out of here, why not just kill one friend rather than two?

Iroha: That makes sense. What kind of monster would kill two of their friends when they only had to kill one?

Miku: [That's a good point. Assuming there's still goodness in each of our hearts, who would kill two when they only had to kill one? We need to get to the bottom of this and figure out who did it!]

The trial has begun! Throughout the trial, there will be several tutorials for the viewer to know how they can help these trials unfold. There will be a number of Nonstop Debates, where the vocaloids will speak without any breaks. It is up to you to reveal, with your comments on Facebook or this page, any mistakes within their statements. This is where your Truth Bullets come into play. Using them, you can refute a statement you believe to be incorrect. Only the relevant ones will be shown in the Truth Cylinder, which you will choose from. Comment which statement you would like to refute, and which bullet in the cylinder you would like to use to do so. Incorrect choices will cause you to lose a life. If you lose all lives, well, that would be unfortunate. You can come to a collective decision with other commenters, or comment right away if you're 100% certain. Well, good luck and have fun!

Nonstop DebateEdit

Make Your Argument!

Lives: 10

Truth Cylinder: Evidence of Struggle, Gakupo's Hand Position, Piko's Bloody Hands